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Nizwa, Oman’s historic former capital

28/07/2020 by .

Nizwa, Oman’s former capital, is a destination that offers travellers fascinating insights into the traditions and lifestyles of the country’s interior.

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San Antonio travel guide.

Just a stone’s throw from the remains of The Alamo, San Antonio’s colonial shrine to the 200 Texans who lost their lives fighting for independence from Mexico in 1836, there is a small bridge on a busy street over the San Antonio River.

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David Adickes Giant Statues in Houston.

In a dusty parking lot in a rather unfashionable part of downtown Houston, former president George Bush stands patiently adjacent to John, Paul, George and Ringo; almost like he is auditioning for the unlikeliest supergroup of all time.

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Liguria: Following in the footsteps of Shelley

It’s romantic, fantastic for food and very beautiful, so it’s no wonder that Liguria, the coastal region of northwest Italy, is a popular holiday destination. I began my journey in Genoa, the capital, which Italians often refer to a “la Superba” (“the Superb one”) as it was an important medieval trading port and one of […]

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Grayshott Spa Hotel, Surrey

Wellness tourism put the Surrey hamlet of Grayshott on the map decades ago, and its eponymous mansion remains the venue of choice for well-heeled ladies who lunch lightly and enjoy a bit of pampering.

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Carmel Forest Spa. Haifa

Israel’s Carmel Forest Spa Resort, set in a national forest close to the country’s third city, Haifa, has taken on a challenge. It has set out to dispense relief to the stressed and demanding residents of one of the most dynamic nations on earth. But it has done so with relish since the late 1990’s […]

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Chuan Spa, Langham Hotel. London

Chinese medicine has long been a feature of the London scene, with its many well-established acupuncturists and herbal practitioners, so the city has long been ripe for a spa specialising in serious Oriental therapies.

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