Exploring Rovinj Croatia’s little jewel

17/11/2016 by .

Croatia’s many islands are legendary, but there is one particular island that gave up its island status to join the Istria mainland in 1763. The wonderful town of Rovinj had clearly decided it was rich and powerful enough to withstand Europe’s various wars and diseases, which through its island independence, managed to do so for centuries. .However Rovinj needed to expand and through some ingenious 18th century engineering it was connected to the mainland. More than enough reason then for me to begin exploring Rovinj Croatia’s little jewel..

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Korcula Island Croatia

28/04/2015 by .

It may not have the rep of Hvar or Brac, but Korcula is set to be the next hot island in Croatia.   It already has a Relais & Chateaux hotel, excellent restaurants, decent sandy beaches and something extra few islands offer – exquisite architecture and the rich culture of layers of ancient civilisations.

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Exploring Split. Croatia’s pleasure playground

23/04/2015 by .

There are few seaside resorts which also happen to be home to magnificent Roman ruins and the jumping-off point for several spectacular islands.   Which may be why Split is emerging as one of the world’s great new pleasure playgrounds, with a feel that’s more Cote d’Azur than Eastern Europe. I’m looking forward to Exploring Split

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Dubrovnik Guide to Game of Thrones Locations

25/07/2014 by .

King’s Landing was looking particularly impressive from where I was standing, perched atop adjacent Fort Lovrijenac, or The Red Keep to you and me,  itself a veteran of many Game of Thrones locations. It was the perfect spot to look down at the ancient fortified walls of Dubrovnik’s old city and see it in such a familiar light; the often repeated exterior shot of King’s Landing, Game of Thrones’ fictional capital. The flags up on the battlements, the harbour, the medieval gates and the circular fort. From up here, I could clearly see the waters of Blackwater Bay, the stone pier where Lord Baelish helped Sansa flee to The Vale after Joffrey’s murder and talking of Joffrey, the park where his wedding party took place. It was, I have to say, all gloriously familiar. So welcome to our Dubrovnik guide to Game of Thrones locations.

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