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Quinta do Lago

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 12:00 pm by .
Quinta do Lago 335

The lunchtime rush at Gigi’s was in full swing with the usual mix of excited first timers and returning old friends, but all of them sharing a common aim, to enjoy the fresh fish at this legendary Quinta do Lago beach restaurant.

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PPL LHR T4 Departures - Entrance

Plaza Premium Lounge opening at Heathrow Terminal 4

For the first time an independent lounge service is coming to Terminal 4 which will available to all classes of travellers regardless of airline or travel class. The brainchild of Chinese businessman Mr Song Hoi-see, who has pioneered the luxury lounge concept in airports all over the world, the Plaza Premium Lounge opening at Heathrow […]

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Scotland’s First Picnic Butler

VisitScotland and Forest Holidays have launched an exclusive new experience for holiday makers to Scotland – The Picnic Butler, which has been created to celebrate the country’s Year of Food & Drink and promises to create many brilliant moments for visitors to Scotland. The Picnic Butler is currently an exclusive experience offered by Forest Holidays at […]

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