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South east Florida and the Everglades

Monday, October 13th, 2014 11:31 am by .

A first timer might believe Florida is 90 per cent theme parks and  golf resorts, the Sunshine State  attractions relentlessly plugged by the travel brochures. But it is easier than you think to forget about   ‘Mickey’  and his mates when you visit south east Florida and the Everglades, going alligator spotting in the Everglades, cruising down the Florida Keys in a convertible with a warm breeze nicely messing your hair up or even parading your new plastic surgery among the bodies beautiful along Miami’s famed South Beach.

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easyJet releases passport scanning app

Britain’s leading low cost carrier has upgraded its mobile app to provide passengers with a quicker route through airport security. From today easyJet’s app now has a passport scanning option. easyJet’s app, which has been downloaded over 10 million times so far, enables customers using an iOS or Android device to scan their passport details using their mobile phone camera making it quicker and easier to check in.

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Sonic Seasoning 17 (C) Nick Morrish, British Airways


Known as ‘Sonic Seasoning’, research found that specific music can make food appear up to ten per cent more sweet or salty. Based on the findings, BA’s 13-track playlist is available on long-haul flights from November, to complement the dining experience.

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