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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 9:23 am by .

Sarajevo is a sleepy green city surrounded by mountains, with a  beautiful river traversed by picturesque bridges running through it.   New colourful glass towers, some of them university buildings, are punctuated with cafes full of young people sipping beer, smoking shisha pipes and revelling in the first sunshine of the Sarajevo spring.

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Exit checks on UK international borders

Exit checks on UK international borders have come into force this week as the governments seeks to understand in more detail who is leaving the UK and a “much clearer picture” of who is staying when they have no right to be. The new measures will also aid police and security services in tracking the […]

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Egypt postpones Visa changes

Egyptian officials have announced that planned changes to visa entry requirements have been postponed indefinitely while awaiting the creation of an electronic visa system. The news that Egypt postpones visa changes will be welcomed by British  tourists who have been confused by the intended changes which at one time meant any independent British traveller (not […]

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