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X9 Follow Electric Golf Trolley

05/10/2017 by .

Stewart Golf’s X Series has been the flag bearer for innovative British golf manufacturing  ever since it launched the X1 Remote in 2003. An electric trolley that was capable of complete remote operation was a real ground breaker back then and today it still turns heads on the course.

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Best Hiking Footwear

I recently walked the Camino de Santiago, The hiking wasn’t particularly tough and the ground, fairly even, so I didn’t really need ankle support.

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More Jackets for Anywhere

Rupert Parker continues his series on Jackets for anywhere. This time he tackles jackets that can shrink small enough to fit carry on luggage.

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GEAR4 Oxford Phone Case

Clearly, it’s the impact protection which is the star of the show, and it’s drop tested to a military standard of 3 metres (9 feet). Hopefully more than enough for my needs.

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Mizuno Aerolite Golf Bag. It’s such a lightweight

The humble golf bag has always been a loyal servant and the Mizuuno Aerolite may be a lightweight, but it’s a heavyweight champion as far as I’m concerned.

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Jackets for anywhere

These two jackets represent both extremes. Pack both of them and with these jackets for anywhere, you’re ready to deal with almost anything.

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