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More Jackets for Anywhere

15/09/2017 by .

GEAR4 Oxford Phone Case

Clearly, it’s the impact protection which is the star of the show, and it’s drop tested to a military standard of 3 metres (9 feet). Hopefully more than enough for my needs.

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Mizuno Aerolite Golf Bag. It’s such a lightweight

The humble golf bag has always been a loyal servant and the Mizuuno Aerolite may be a lightweight, but it’s a heavyweight champion as far as I’m concerned.

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Jackets for anywhere

These two jackets represent both extremes. Pack both of them and with these jackets for anywhere, you’re ready to deal with almost anything.

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Footwear for Anywhere

I’m always looking for footwear for anywhere, footwear that can function as casual around-town shoes and also be capable of withstanding the odd off-road ramble. They need to be lightweight, waterproof, and be able to provide a sure enough grip on muddy tracks. These two fit all these criteria.

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Carluccio’s gift boxes get a longer life

For those of you still searching for a late seasonal gift do not despair, there is still time as Carluccio’s gift boxes are now available throughout the year!

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