Insider guide to north west Sardinia

05/04/2018 by .

North-west Sardinia is a popular summer destination with tourists attracted by its coastline and glorious sandy beaches. Out of season, however, it offers other rewards, not least its glorious food and drink, interesting archaeology, hillside castles and deserted seashores.  Now direct flights between London Luton and Alghero make it accessible all year round.

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Ferrara. Emilia’s hidden gem.

06/02/2018 by .

Ferrara is one of the pearls of the Emilia-Romagna region. A region famously productive for so much of Italy’s attraction.

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Touring Campania Wineries

24/04/2017 by .

There’s an old saying “See Naples and die” based on the high incidence of cholera in the 19th century, but on my visit the challenge is to taste over 200 different wines and live to tell the tale. I’m here for the annual Campania Stories event, where producers showcase their different wines, and it’s held inside the hallowed walls of the Santa Donna Regina church.

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SkyWay Monte Bianco elevates your senses

05/04/2017 by .

Few can argue, that when it comes to dramatic mountains Mont Blanc (or Monte Bianco as the Italians call it) is right up there. At almost 5,000 metres, It is the king  of the Alps and, setting aside the Caucasus range, the highest mountain in Europe.

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Eat Turin and Piedmont

16/03/2017 by .

Turin is the capital of Piedmont in northern Italy, and the Alps rise up northwest of the city. To the south are the rolling green hills of the Langhe and Monferrato, Piedmont’s wine area, and the fertile Po valley is right on the doorstep.

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Best Italian Carnivals for 2017

25/01/2017 by .

As carnival season approaches it is always good to reflect on where the best carnivals can be found. Yes we can always go to Brazil or Panama or perhaps Tenerife, considered to be the biggest carnival outside Brazil. But Italy has many excellent carnivals, including the great Venice masked carnivel. So here is the TripReporter guide to the best italian carnivals for 2017.

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