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Merrell’s MQM Flex Gore-Tex ‘Hybrid’ Trail Shoe

09/07/2018 by .

They are described as a ‘trail’ shoe; the fastest, lightest hiker shoes on the market. But wandering around Funchal in Madeira all day is quite a trail, too, at the end of which my feet are often in need of refreshment.

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Cellhire MIFI for USA, France and South Africa

While roaming fees in the EU have been dramatically reformed, with many now coming under our monthly data plans, using roaming in the USA is entirely different matter. Cellhire MIFI for USA solves that problem.

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Best Hiking Gear

Low-cost airlines can be pretty strict on weight, so here’s Rupert Parker’s roundup of the latest hiking gear that won’t bust the scales.

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Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

Coming in at just 8 kilos and with a 2-year guarantee, the Stewart Golf R1-S Push brings a much-needed touch of sparkle back to the manual troll

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Bailey Pegasus Ancona Caravan

How does a new Bailey Pegasus Ancona compare to another caravan? We sent our test family of Carole and Jason and their young kids Evan and Andy to test it against their own Abbey Piper.

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Best Hiking Footwear

I recently walked the Camino de Santiago, The hiking wasn’t particularly tough and the ground, fairly even, so I didn’t really need ankle support.

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