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Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

17/01/2018 by .

Manual trolleys have a deeply unfair rep in my opinion. While all the clubhouse talk is focussed on the latest electric models and battery life, the faithful manual trolley is something of a hermit, often lying cold and alone in the trolley shed. Yet these workhorses still do their rounds come rain and shine. And generally without a single moan.

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Best Hiking Gear

Low-cost airlines can be pretty strict on weight, so here’s Rupert Parker’s roundup of the latest hiking gear that won’t bust the scales.

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Bailey Pegasus Ancona Caravan

How does a new Bailey Pegasus Ancona compare to another caravan? We sent our test family of Carole and Jason and their young kids Evan and Andy to test it against their own Abbey Piper.

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Best Hiking Footwear

I recently walked the Camino de Santiago, The hiking wasn’t particularly tough and the ground, fairly even, so I didn’t really need ankle support.

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X9 Follow Electric Golf Trolley

With the X9 Follow, Stewart Golf has raised the bar once again with another cutting edge trolley navigation system. which is an extraordinary piece of kit.

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More Jackets for Anywhere

Rupert Parker continues his series on Jackets for anywhere. This time he tackles jackets that can shrink small enough to fit carry on luggage.

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