Tauck Danube River Cruise

The cruise was for many an opportunity to discover their roots, others to reminisce harder memories, and for all of us to discover fascinating parts of eastern Europe you might never think of visiting. It is in many ways much more satisfying than sea cruising for me, you get a better perspective of the land and a better understanding of the people behind the borders.

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Bulgaria. More than just sea and skiing.

This was, to say the least, a little on the odd side. I wasn’t expecting to see two gentlemen playing the bagpipes, bearing in mind I was in a traditional Bulgarian Inn. Then again, everything I had experienced up to then in Bulgaria had been unexpected. The food, the people and the quite extraordinary history, […]

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Southern Bulgaria. Beautiful and bargain friendly.

There’s a lot of “awesome” about these days. Handbags, vegetable fritters, sneakers all seem to earn the label.  So  when Bulgaria recently served me two slices of genuine ‘awesome’, I  thought it was worth documenting.

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