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Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

Moments from the beach in a grand old square, Pelirocco’s two historic townhouses have 19 themed rooms decorated with loving and playful attention to detail

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Drakes Of Brighton

It may have been a case of too many Marmite soldiers but I found it difficult to extract myself from Drakes

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The Rye Windmill B&B

On the edge of town, perched by the banks of the River Tillingham, the grade ll listed family run Rye Windmill B&B strikes an impressive pose.

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Insider Guide to Rye and East Sussex

Rye town is a charming network of cobbled streets and lanes with architecture dating back to medieval times, and most importantly is known for its membership of the historic Cinque Port Confederation, of which memories of GCSE history come flooding back to me.  

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Lewes Bonfire Night Parade

Donald Trump is being pulled along by three Mexicans. A throng of burning crosses carve a path through the night. Flaming torch bearers chanting strange incantations pass by too close for comfort. Is this a scene from The Wicker Man? Have I stumbled onto a movie set or perhaps I’m simply hallucinating. Such thoughts are not out of place, because this is the annual Lewes Bonfire Night Parade, it is very real and I am right in the middle of it.

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The Gallivant Hotel

It was 5.00pm and I was interviewing Mark O’Reilly, manager of The Gallivant Hotel when he stopped in mid sentence to point enthusiastically at a white van pulling up in the car-park. “This is the fish for tonight, it was caught this morning”, he said.

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