Restaurant Reviews

Kot Nou Restaurant, Mauritius

09/11/2018 by .

Kot Nou Restaurant is so close to the Indian Ocean that a crab could crawl up the white-sand beach and straight into the pot at the open-plan kitchen. Pooja, a smiling cook, who dishes out her joie de vivre, as liberally as vanilla sauce, would welcome it with her open arms.

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Iron Bloom Restaurant, Shoreditch

Wandering around a buzzing Shoreditch on a Friday night, it’s easy to miss Iron Bloom, thinking that it’s just of many identikit bars that are pumping out music

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The Caxton Grill Re-Visited

Thankfully, as it turned out, the Caxton Grill had returned to its roots; a relaxing informal restaurant with the emphasis firmly centred around its legendary Josper grill.

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Sarona, London

What will drive traffic to Sarona, by far the least showy of the many new Israeli restaurants to open in London in the past year?  For those who know the vibrant dining scene in Tel Aviv, world’s most exciting culinary destination, it’s the credentials of chef Aviv Lavi.

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The Star Inn the City

To run an all-day menu and maintain fine dining standards is not an easy task, yet the Star Inn the City team had the confident air of a well-oiled machine.

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Galvin HOP

From Mayfair’s most glamorous sky-room to a gastropub in their native Essex, each is totally different, but on a summer’s day, it’s hard to beat an alfresco lunch at Galvin HOP in Spitalfields.

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