La Palma, Canary Islands

01/02/2018 by .

The most northwesterly of the Canaries, La Palma is also apparently the world’s steepest island, something to bear in mind when you’re considering hiking its network of trails.

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Weekend in Valencia

14/08/2017 by .

Striking modern architecture, coupled with elegant art nouveau buildings, and a wealth of Gothic and Renaissance monuments, make Valencia the perfect place to wander.

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Walking the Camino de Santiago

14/05/2017 by .

In recent years the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, in the North West of Spain, has become increasingly popular. It’s known in English as “The Way of St James”, as the bones of the disciple are supposedly buried in the cathedral of Santiago, but to most people it’s just the Camino.

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Hiking in Gran Canaria

22/06/2016 by .

Far more than just sun and sand, Gran Canaria boasts mountains, colonial villages and archaeological remains, Rupert Parker dons his boots to go hiking in Gran Canaria

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Touring Menorca by Bike

13/06/2016 by .
Menorca by bike

It seems a Monday night is not the best night to look for a restaurant in Menorca’s capital Mahon (or Mao as locals call it), as most of them are closed. Perhaps not the perfect way for me to prepare for a week of touring Menorca by bike then, as I was looking forward to stocking up on a few carbs before the start of my bike tour.

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Las Colinas Golf and Country Club

12/04/2016 by .

I think I’ve fallen in love. Ever since I picked up Aloha at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club she has been looking straight at me with those piercing eyes, her nails sharp as talons, gripping my arm like she’s never letting go. Her head cocked to one side trying to decide if I am worth the effort or not.

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