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Waldhaus Sils. Living the Grand Hotel Experience

29/02/2016 by .

What I like about the Waldhaus Sils is that, although it’s just 7 miles from St. Moritz, it’s in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by nature, perfect for relaxation. It also helps that it’s been owned by the same family since it was built in 1908, and they’re very much in evidence around the hotel.

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07/01/2016 by .

Freddie Mercury lived there while looking for a home in Switzerland, Vladimir Nabokov used the proceeds of Lolita to fund a permanent suite and Deep Purple recorded Smoke on the Water in its lake-side pavilion.   There may not be a more celebrity-studded hotel in Switzerland than the Montreux Palace, arguably the country’s most glamorous hostelry.

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The Chedi Andermatt

01/09/2015 by .

It’s an early breakfast at The Chedi Andermatt, but this doesn’t faze my waiter as he gives my latte the full treatment. A mug of hot milk proudly held aloft as he pours in the coffee separating the white from the black. Pure theatre and I love it. And another surprise; the coffee mug is insulated, so no burning fingers as I take my first caffeine hit of the day.

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Gstaad Palace

13/08/2014 by .

The Gstaad Palace has been looking down at the residents of Gstaad from her lofty hilltop perch for over a century, like a well to do matriarch protecting her flock. This is a proper grand hotel, from a golden age when luxury European hotels were seen as iconic establishments, the haunt of the glamorous and well heeled from all over the world.

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Grand Hotel Kronenhof named World’s Top Hotel

29/01/2014 by .

Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina located  six miles from St. Moritz and privately owned by the Niarchos family.has been named The World’s Top Hotel in the 2014 Travelers’ Choice awards.

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