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Sarona, London

30/08/2018 by .

What will drive traffic to Sarona, by far the least showy of the many new Israeli restaurants to open in London in the past year?  For those who know the vibrant dining scene in Tel Aviv, world’s most exciting culinary destination, it’s the credentials of chef Aviv Lavi.

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Galvin HOP

22/08/2018 by .

Eating at a Galvin brothers establishment is always an event.  It’s nearly 15 years since the Michelin-starred chefs who earned their plaudits cooking in London’s best hotel kitchens turned their attention to their own highly eclectic restaurants. 

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Chateau de Mercues, Cahors

20/06/2018 by .

When Cahors has worked so hard to make itself inaccessible – at least an hour from the nearest airport, sidelined by the TGV rail network and principal motorways – why do visitors struggle to reach a city which has chosen to hide from the tourist masses? 

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Musling Bistro, Copenhagen

12/04/2018 by .

Can oysters ever taste as good in a stylish eatery as they do at a down-home restaurant awash in rough-hewn tables and rustic tiles?    Seafood supremo Anders Selmer certainly thought they could when he launched Musling Bistro to complement his hugely popular Kodbyens Fiskebar in a grungier part of Copenhagen. Now Michelin have agreed with him and accorded the restaurant a Bib Gourmand.

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Afternoon Tea at the Savoy

29/03/2018 by .

Who are the guests selling out the lounge of the Savoy – a much grander room than the name “Thames Foyer” suggests – with their demand for a £65 afternoon blow-out? 

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Montpellier. Modern metropolis with a mediaeval heart 

13/02/2018 by .

That you can get a great glass of organic wine in Montpellier for three euros tells you something about the allure of this under-visited city.   That a mile or two and a millennium separate the historic centre and the futuristic new city rising on the riverbank tells you something else – it’s forever moving forward. 

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