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Tunis for the Weekend

26/04/2018 by .

Now that FCO travel restrictions have been lifted, Tunis, with a flying time of under three hours, makes for a good long weekend break. Rupert Parker explores this historic city.

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Insider guide to north west Sardinia

05/04/2018 by .

North-west Sardinia is a popular summer destination with tourists attracted by its coastline and glorious sandy beaches. Out of season, however, it offers other rewards, not least its glorious food and drink, interesting archaeology, hillside castles and deserted seashores.  Now direct flights between London Luton and Alghero make it accessible all year round.

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The Alpina Gstaad

04/04/2018 by .

As the train pulls into Gstaad, I get a glimpse of the Alpina, looking like a stately castle perched high above the town. The driver who meets me tells me that, although the hotel looks old, it only opened in 2012, built on the site of a previous property which had fallen into disrepair.

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Hiking and Biking in the Algarve

15/03/2018 by .

You’re not going to find mountains in this part of Portugal, the most you’ll get are gentle hills, but these are sufficient to give you a cycling work out.

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Best Hiking Gear

25/02/2018 by .

I spend a lot of time tramping the highways and byways of Europe and usually have to fly there. Low-cost airlines can be pretty strict on weight, so here’s a roundup of the latest gear that won’t bust the scales.

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Art Rotterdam Week

19/02/2018 by .

Rotterdam is one of those cities which quietly innovates without making a song and dance about it. In January they have their International Film Festival, IFFR, showing cutting-edge movies and July sees North Sea Jazz, a three-day event presenting everything from the traditional to the far out. The World Port Festival gives you a peek behind the scenes of one of the worlds’ biggest harbours, over three days in September.

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