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A Photo Safari in Botswana

03/11/2018 by .

If you’ve never imagined yourself as a wildlife photographer, then think again. Pangolin Photo Safaris in Botswana not only takes you into the bush to see the animals but also supplies camera and zoom lens. And, if all that sounds a bit daunting, there are expert photographic guides to help you capture those elusive shots.

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Hiroshima and the Setouchi Region

30/09/2018 by .

Hiroshima is a five-hour bullet train ride west of Tokyo and of course the city where the first atom bomb was dropped on 6th August 1945. It was almost completely flattened but since then it’s been entirely rebuilt.  It’s an attractive vibrant city, but of course, it’s hard to ignore its terrible history.

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Iron Bloom Restaurant, Shoreditch

30/09/2018 by .

Wandering around a buzzing Shoreditch on a Friday night, it’s easy to miss Iron Bloom, thinking that it’s just of many identikit bars that are pumping out music. In fact, it’s a restaurant with a wide-ranging cocktail menu, as you’d expect from the guys behind the Looking Glass Cocktail Club, but the quality of the food is surprising.

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Green Adventures in Vermont

17/09/2018 by .

I’m standing near the top of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest mountain contemplating a descent down the world’s fastest and most exhilarating zip line experience. It’s around two miles to the bottom and, although I’m the timid type, Vermont is spurring me on to all sorts of outdoor craziness.

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Star Clippers Cruise, Cannes to Rome

11/09/2018 by .

Hornblower would be proud.  I’m at the railing, watching the waves lit by the full moon, the only sound the wind in the sails, the vessel gently rolling and making good progress. But, unlike those sailors of yore, I’m not about to return to my hammock amidships, but instead have a luxurious cabin complete with comfortable bed and shower.

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Hiking Gear Update

25/08/2018 by .

Gear manufacturers are a creative bunch and they’re always bringing out new and improved versions of their staples. In my travels, I’m also keen to test out lightweight hiking gear, particularly those items that I can stuff in my hand baggage, so I can start walking whenever the mood takes me. Here’s a recent selection.

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