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Rupert Parker

Rupert Parker

Outdoor Adventures in Bern, Switzerland.

15/09/2020 by .

Nausicaá, France’s National Sea Centre, Boulogne

09/09/2020 by .

Insider Guide to Latgale, Latvia

21/08/2020 by .

Rupert Parker explores this little known part of Latvia, the birthplace of artist Mark Rothko.

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Walking across the Somme. France

19/08/2020 by .

Rupert Parker is feeling very biblical as he takes a guided tour across the treacherous Somme estuary at low tide.

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Hiking the Opal Coast from Calais to Boulogne, France

13/08/2020 by .

Rupert Parker hikes 50km between these two iconic ferry ports, with the white cliffs of Dover his constant companion on the other side of the channel.

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Walking the London Loop

10/08/2020 by .

TripReporter’s hiker in residence Rupert Parker walks the last three sections of the 24 section London LOOP.

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