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The Trail of the Walser in Vorarlberg

30/11/2017 by .

Along this track, as recently as the last century, young children, barely able to walk, were sent far away to Germany. Their parents couldn’t afford to feed them so, rather them seeing them die, they were despatched to work on large feudal estates. Some didn’t make it, frozen by the elements or eaten by wild animals, and most never returned.

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Hiking in the Jungfrau region

20/11/2017 by .

Since the 19th century, Interlaken has been a magnet for tourists coming to Switzerland.  It’s the gateway to the Jungfrau Region with its unique mix of lakes, waterfalls and mountains.

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Best Hiking Footwear

06/11/2017 by .


I recently walked the Camino de Santiago, the famous long distance path where you can do up to 25 miles a day. The hiking wasn’t particularly tough and the ground, for the most part, fairly even, so I didn’t really need ankle support.

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Uzbekistan Wine Route

31/10/2017 by .

In Uzbekistan most of the population practise Islam so it’s surprising that it’s packed with vineyards. Indeed, during Soviet Union times, it was the major producer of sweet wines, partnering with Georgia who produced the drier stuff.

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Tale of the Unspunnen in Interlaken

17/09/2017 by .

Rupert Parker braves the rain at the tenth edition of the Unspunnen – the Swiss Wrestling, National Costume and Alpine Herdsmen’s Festival, held in Interlaken.

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More Jackets for Anywhere

15/09/2017 by .