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The strangest golf courses in the World

Golf is a global sport these days, and golfers are constantly searching for new challenges. Here at TripReporter we are all passionate golfers and the challenge for us was could we, from experience, list the strangest golf courses we have ever played. So we did. And so we are delighted to present the strangest golf courses in the World.

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Lisbon Shopping. Ten most unusual stores

Lisbon shopping has always been a varies experience. Everything from Pastel to high fashion. Autumn is a perfect time to take a Lisbon shopping city break – the weather is mild, flights are affordable from the UK, and there is no shortage of hotels to suit all pockets. From cosmopolitan large shopping malls to the country’s oldest music store, there is quality and quirkiness guaranteed with some Lisbon shopping. Here are our top ten most unusual stores to seek out.

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Sandy Balls New Forest Camping

Sandy Balls New Forest Camping has been owned by the Westlake family for more 95 years and welcomes thousands of guests annually to its luxurious log cabins, static caravan holiday homes, tents and the new addition for 2014, camping wooden pods.

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Maastricht. The centre of Europe

This ancient city close to the Netherlands borders with Belgium and Germany was an important settlement and trading post even prior to Roman times. For two thousand years Maastricht has been a European melting pot where the major German and Latin cultures rubbed shoulders.

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Renting a villa in Pietrasanta

We were renting a villa in Pietrasanta, courtesy of Bridgewater Travel, a family-run Tuscan luxury rentals specialist and we were taking a cab in for a wander around Piatrasanta, the beautiful city of marble, the legendary coastal retreat of artists and sculptors and the Florentine well-to-do.

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Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa

It wasn’t the pristine limo that was waiting for me at the airport, or the already opened door beckoning me in. Nor was it the effortless way my bags disappeared from my grasp, or the cool water and towels that were instantly offered. It wasn’t the sound of my name in greeting when I arrived, the welcoming smile, the magnificent le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa lobby, or the speed in which I suddenly found myself in my beautifully appointed Tower room seventeen storeys further up. It wasn’t any one of those things. It was all of them.

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