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The Best of Malta and Gozo in 72 hours

Perched high up on one of Valletta’s gigantic medieval bastions overlooking the Grand Harbour and halfway through a glass of kinnie, the local non-alcoholic drink made from tart oranges and savoury herbs, here I was thinking of Sam Cremona.

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Malta and Gozo Introduction

This duo of Mediterranean islands may be on the small side, but lying close to Italy, they are so strategically important, former rulers lined up to fight over them.

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The Changing Face of Valletta

There’s a large gateway guarding the huge bastion walls of Valletta, Malta’s historic capital that has recently been the subject of much debate.

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APH Meet and Greet Parking. Airport parking without the headaches

APH Meet and Greet parking has a lot to answer for.The call came out of the blue and totally unexpectedly. Mind you, at 5am on route to Luton airport, the last thing I was expecting was a phone call, so I feared the worst.

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Spanish Paradores: Hotels have never tasted so good.

It’s late morning in Galicia and the surrounding plains are pancake flat (something of a rarity in these parts it must be said), but dominating them is the towering visage of Monte de San Vicente.

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Crowne Plaza in fitness makeover for business travellers

The business travel market is a fiercely competitive sector in hospitality and to succeed, a hotel needs to be in really great shape to meet the demands of business guests. It is one thing to call yourself a “business hotel” but the reality is many just fail to live up to the billing.

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