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La Quinta Inn & Suites, San Luis Obispo, California

13/02/2020 by .

That La Quinta Inn & Suites should be the first new hotel built in 10 years in San Luis Obispo beggars belief.

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PremiAir VIP Lounge, Manchester Airport

31/01/2020 by .

Eat your heart out, LAX – you may have a new private suite to pamper movie stars and studio execs, but you are not the only airport to offer exclusive check-in facilities far from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.   Now Manchester Airport, Britain’s third busiest after Heathrow and Gatwick, has its own private terminal.

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Driving the Kent Coast to Dungeness

20/01/2020 by .

The trouble with road-testing a nifty car in crowded England is the limited supply of empty highways on which to open it up.   Which is where the windswept eastern tip of England, where Kent meets Sussex and the intrepid and creative have settled amidst the desolate beauty of Dungeness, comes into its own.

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Miyako Restaurant, London

08/01/2020 by .

Given that good food and railway stations go hand in hand in Japan, Miyako, tucked into a small space next to London’s Liverpool Street station, would be right at home in its country of origin.

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Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Paso Robles

23/12/2019 by .

It’s Tuscany, but not as we know it.  For one thing, despite its wealth of ochre walls, fountains and terracotta, the Allegretto Vineyard Resort is in the middle of small-town America, surrounded by plain buildings selling farm machinery rather than Italianate olive groves and wineries which have produced Sangiovese for centuries.

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Field of Light at Sensorio, Paso Robles 

18/12/2019 by .

“Build it and they will come” could have been a command created for British artist Bruce Munro, for in whichever remote spot this alchemist of light weaves his magic the crowds follow in droves.

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