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Miyako Restaurant, London

08/01/2020 by .

Given that good food and railway stations go hand in hand in Japan, Miyako, tucked into a small space next to London’s Liverpool Street station, would be right at home in its country of origin.

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Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Paso Robles

23/12/2019 by .

It’s Tuscany, but not as we know it.  For one thing, despite its wealth of ochre walls, fountains and terracotta, the Allegretto Vineyard Resort is in the middle of small-town America, surrounded by plain buildings selling farm machinery rather than Italianate olive groves and wineries which have produced Sangiovese for centuries.

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Field of Light at Sensorio, Paso Robles 

18/12/2019 by .

“Build it and they will come” could have been a command created for British artist Bruce Munro, for in whichever remote spot this alchemist of light weaves his magic the crowds follow in droves.

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Church Road

02/12/2019 by .

With all the good restaurants in central London, a neighbourhood eatery has to be something special to attract outsiders onto an Overground and a bus to join the chattering classes during the dinner hour. 

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Lygon Arms, Broadway, Cotswolds 

02/11/2019 by .

Combining cosiness and comfort with jaw-dropping grandeur is a hard act to pull off,  but the Lygon Arms, queen of all Cotswolds hotels, achieves it with considerable panache.

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Mushroom feast at Carluccio’s

11/10/2019 by .

November marks the anniversary of the death of Antonio Carluccio, the legendary Italian chef who made Britons take mushrooms seriously.

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