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Black Swan Hotel

You have only to look at the exterior of the Black Swan Hotel to realise that it’s certain to have quite a life-story to tell.

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Devonshire Arms Hotel

Settled peaceably near the intersection between the A59 and the river Wharfe, the Devonshire Arms Hotel has an air of lordly splendour, a commanding presence with a pedigree that is getting on for 300 years old, and possibly more.

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Swinton Park Castle Hotel

It had been a glorious autumnal day at Fountains Abbey, as we drove from Harrogate towards Masham and our treat of the trip: a stay in Swinton Park Castle Hotel, a proper Yorkshire castle.

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Malton Food Tour in North Yorkshire

A gentleman wearing a cream coloured Malton Cookery School apron greets me with a cheery smile at the entrance to the Talbot Hotel. “I hope you’re hungry,” says Tom Naylor-Leyland, welcoming me onto the first Malton Food Tour.

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