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Northcote Gourmet Break

25/07/2016 by .

Northcote Gourmet break. Given the current vogue for ‘eating out’, mini breaks and an increasing emphasis on food generally, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to find restaurants that have already earned a worthy and enviable reputation in the dark arts of cuisine also expanding into the realms of the accommodation provision: wine, dine, cognac, sleep it off in lush comfort, and wake up in the morning wondering how much wine you had to drink.

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27/01/2016 by .

You don’t have to be a foodie to stay at Northcote, but the chances are it will be your tastebuds which draw you to this slightly off the beaten track country hotel. Chef-patron Nigel Haworth did, after all, put Lancashire on the map as a dining destination 20 years ago, and the place, which perches unassumingly on the corner of the main road to Preston, is now drawing celebrated guest chefs and those who like to follow them from all over the world.

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