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The Northgate, Bury St. Edmunds

21/05/2019 by .

There was a wedding reception in full swing at the Northgate and all the bases were loaded. We had just checked in flush from an epic tour of the Greene King brewery where, as a fitting finale, free beer was literally on tap; cue desperate need for food to soak up our excess.

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Stanbrook Abbey Hotel, Worcester

20/05/2019 by .

In the 21st century, we have Mindfulness Apps to find calmness and tranquillity. So, Stanbrook Abbey Hotel is a reminder of the simplicity with which people once found their contentment in beauty and peace.

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The Swan at Lavenham

07/05/2019 by .

The Swan has been a focal point of Lavenham’s landscape for hundreds of years. And, like so many of her ancient neighbours, the years have left a lasting legacy on this remarkable Suffolk village.

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The Arch London

01/05/2019 by .

The Holkham Triumphal Arch

29/04/2019 by .

If follies were built as grand statements of status by Georgian landed gentry, then the Triumphal Arch certainly fits the bill.

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Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher, Isles of Scilly

12/04/2019 by .

“Work the tides … it’s an easterly … what time’s high tide tomorrow … we’re waiting for the boat for St Agnes / Tresco / St Mary’s. ”

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