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Longevity Cegonha Country Club, Vilamoura

01/07/2019 by .

“All of England’s Rugby World Cup team were officially obese according to Body Mass Index stats,” I said, getting in a pre-emptive strike.

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Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort, Portugal

15/06/2019 by .

Vintage House Hotel

26/06/2018 by .

It’s midday, the sun is shining and I’m eating lunch on a picnic table in the middle of the UNESCO protected vineyards of Quinta da Roeda, the grapes that make Croft Port wine. It’s a simple Portuguese meal but here, in the Alto Douro, among the centuries-old vines of Portugal’s oldest winemaker, it takes on much more significance. It’s living history.

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Hotel Infante Sagres

26/06/2018 by .

City centre hotels tend to come in two varieties; either bland international brands or faded dames from times gone by reinvigorated into trendy boutique properties. Fortunately, Hotel Infante Sagres in Porto’s centre is the latter. Not just reinvigorated but positively reincarnated into something even better than it was in its heyday.

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The Yeatman Hotel

25/06/2018 by .

Standing proudly above the Douro river on the Vila Nova de Gaia side of Porto, The 5 star Yeatman Hotel has become a Porto landmark in a very short space of time. Quite fitting when you consider it is owned by the Fladgate Partnership, the British family dynasty that has been producing Port wine since 1692 and arguably made Porto what it is today.

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Four Seasons Hotel Ritz,  Lisbon

30/05/2018 by .

I don’t suppose it’s my magnetic personality playing havoc with the key cards at the Four Seasons, but I do find myself locked out of my room a couple of times. No problem, reception simply gives me a bundle of cards to provide for any number of eventualities and, of course, it doesn’t happen again.

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Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

23/01/2018 by .

If it was a Jamie Oliver recipe, it might well be called ‘Green Hotel Casserole’. The mixture is simple: take an elegant 18th-century building in central Lisbon; mix in lots of Feng Shui design, stir in some socially responsible touches and add stacks of sustainable stuff – then hey presto, taste the Santa Marta experience.

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AlmaLusa Boutique Hotel

21/06/2016 by .

It’s June and the Lisbon locals are going sardine crazy, although what sardines have to do with a 13th-century Catholic saint is anybody’s guess. Needless to say, it’s an excellent excuse for the city to bring out the bunting and barbecues in the old quarter of Al fama and have a good old festa courtesy of Saint Anthony, Lisbon’s patron saint. However, I’m in the haven-like Praca do Municipio, just next door to Al fama in the Baixa-Chiado neighbourhood, the home of the AlmaLusa boutique hotel, Lisbon’s latest luxury urban hideaway, a perfect sanctuary for those of us who have had our fill of sardines for one night.

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Quintinha Sao Joao

12/05/2016 by .

In Portuguese ‘quinta’, originally meant a farm and house let out at a rent of one-fifth of its produce, from Latin quintus, ‘one fifth. Today, it has an altogether different meaning, and, in the case of Madeira, refers to former colonial manor houses that have been converted to luxury hotels enclosed within their own grounds. Logically, then, a quintinha, is a small quinta, and such is the case with the Quintinha Sao Joao on the hillside above Funchal, overlooking the city at around 70 metres above sea level.

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Quinta do Furao

26/04/2016 by .

The word Quinta in Portuguese means a piece of land to farm on or a rustic property, however these days, in Portugal and Madeira, a Quinta means luxury colonial manor house. The added bonus for me is, Quinta do Furao on Madeira’s north east coast, also happens to be a pretty productive vineyard, so pretty much a win win scenario all round.

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