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Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

17/01/2018 by .

Manual trolleys have a deeply unfair rep in my opinion. While all the clubhouse talk is focussed on the latest electric models and battery life, the faithful manual trolley is something of a hermit, often lying cold and alone in the trolley shed. Yet these workhorses still do their rounds come rain and shine. And generally without a single moan.

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Nikon D3100. SLR heaven though it’s not one.

I used to hold good photographers in the same high esteem as airline pilots. They had a kind of mystique about them, an aura that made them different to most of us.

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Radiopaq Duo Headphones. Style and sound.

A great sound is one thing. Looking good is quite another, after all I’ve a reputation to consider. I have to confess, that on more than one occasion I have had headphone envy with a fellow passenger. Apple ear phones are practical but hardly the bottom line in style, and then there’s the constant clicking […]

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Samsonite Cosmolite Suitcase

First they told me it was bullet proof, well almost. It uses Curve technology, which is used to make bullet proof vests. Then they told me it could withstand over 25 continuous drops from a great height, and temperatures of minus 12.

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Berghaus Ladies Aumont Duck Down Jacket.

It’s all very well being kitted out with insulated water resistant jackets when you’re trundling about the hills, dales and mountains and thankfully we’re not spoiled for choice in that department.

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The Sun Sniper Pro Camera Strap

Any decent photographer will tell you they have a photographic award just waiting to be won. After all,  if you can frame a shot perfectly in your head, own a decent DSLR camera, and get out enough, the opportunities will be there.

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Sonicare DiamondClean takes brushing to a new level.

Let me say first off that I’m a big fan of the Sonicare brand. It has single handedly saved my gums from total atrophy and managed to keep my dental state very healthy and that’s a fact.

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