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Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

17/01/2018 by .

Manual trolleys have a deeply unfair rep in my opinion. While all the clubhouse talk is focussed on the latest electric models and battery life, the faithful manual trolley is something of a hermit, often lying cold and alone in the trolley shed. Yet these workhorses still do their rounds come rain and shine. And generally without a single moan.

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Slide Camera Sling Strap

For many years I’ve been searching for the perfect slide camera sling strap as carrying a sizeable DSLR camera while out hiking can be quite challenging

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Best carry on trousers and shorts

Packing light is important when you’re just travelling with one carry-on bag. Trousers can really weigh you down, but it’s always wise to have a couple of pairs at any one time, so choose wisely depending on your situation. The same goes for shorts, as they can be just as heavy as trousers. Rupert Parker picks his best carry on trousers and shorts.

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Best Carry On Travel Shirts

Rupert Parker rounds up his best carry on shirts.. Packing light requires travel shirts to be easily washable, quick drying and to have pockets for passports and travel documents. Fabrics these days tend to be crease resistant and wick the moisture away from your skin and some even offer UV shielding against the sun and insect repellent.

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Best carry on footwear

Packing light is particularly important when you are just travelling with just one carry-on bag and the heaviest items are always going to be footwear. Here, Rupert Parker rounds up his best carry on footwear.

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Cellhire MIFI for USA

While roaming fees in the EU have been dramatically reformed, with many now coming under our monthly data plans, using roaming in the USA is entirely different matter. Cellhire MIFI for USA solves that problem.

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Carry On Bags Review

If you’re travelling in parts of the world where pavements don’t exist and the road is full of holes, a bag which converts from a case to a rucksack, is the perfect solution. So here is my recommended carry on bags review from my many travels.

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