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Latest Outdoor Hiking Gear Reviewed

24/06/2020 by .

Rupert Parker, no stranger to mountain terrain,  reviews some more of the latest outdoor hiking gear.

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Maxell MXH-DD600 headphones

Maxell was at one time the driving force behind all things tape, sticky, storage and otherwise.

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APH Meet and Greet Parking. Airport parking without the headaches

APH Meet and Greet parking has a lot to answer for.The call came out of the blue and totally unexpectedly. Mind you, at 5am on route to Luton airport, the last thing I was expecting was a phone call, so I feared the worst.

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Headphones Help You Sleep

If you think  there is no way headphones help you sleep then think again. SleepPhones, a revolution in headphones and sleep science and devised by a doctor can now ease the waking hours of insomniacs in the UK with the launch of the new Bluetooth version.

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MacWet Sports Gloves

Golfers will understand this. Those shiny new leather or all-purpose gloves are lovely when you first wear them, then it’s all downhill from there unfortunately. Macwet gloves put a stop to all that though.

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The Pocket Beer Book 2014

The Pocket Beer Book 2014 is proclaiming itself as the definitive and most up-to-date guide to the best beers in the world.

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Nikon D3100. SLR heaven though it’s not one.

I used to hold good photographers in the same high esteem as airline pilots. They had a kind of mystique about them, an aura that made them different to most of us.

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