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Hotel Launches Helicopter Transfer Service

05/02/2018 by .

The Grand Hotel & Spa in York is offering a paid-for helicopter transfer service for its guests taking them directly from their homes and back again.  

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Virgin Holidays Launches HoliDO Campaign 

With more than 300 new activities on offer, Virgin Holidays experiences aims to transform the average package holiday by allowing customers bespoke trips

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WIZZ AIR applies for UK air operator certificate

Low-cost Hungarian airline WIZZ AIR has announced it has filed for an Air Operator’s Certificate and Operating Licence with CAA for its hub at London Luton

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 More pilots join Ryanir

In the wake of the airline’s current “pilot roster” crisis, Ryanair has been quick to announce that forty-five new pilots have joined the airline.

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Ruby Rei video game aids language tuition

There’s only one way to engage children into learning language skills and that’s by making it fun. This is the mantra from the makers of a game-based learning app that can help children learn Spanish, French, English and Japanese.

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Ryanair complies with statutory passenger rights

Following its recent mass cancellations, and resulting pressure from aviation regulators, Ryanair has agreed to comply with statutory passenger rights.

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Virgin Holidays Launches Single-Parent Holidays  

Following the release of data from the Office for National Statistics which highlights there are nearly two million single-parent families living in the UK, Virgin Holidays has launched an initiative to address this market head on.

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