Drakes Of Brighton

24/01/2019 by .

With Valentine’s around the corner, the L. word is….. Location. ‘Now’ is the ideal time to think about whisking your adorable-other to a fabulous place.

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The Rye Windmill B&B

08/05/2018 by .

On the edge of town, perched by the banks of the River Tillingham, the grade ll listed family run Rye Windmill B&B strikes an impressive pose.

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The Gallivant Hotel

01/09/2015 by .

It was 5.00pm and I was interviewing Mark O’Reilly, manager of The Gallivant Hotel when he stopped in mid sentence to point enthusiastically at a white van pulling up in the car-park. “This is the fish for tonight, it was caught this morning”, he said. As I raised an eyebrow, Mark continued, “Our philosophy is simple, 95% of all the fresh ingredients we use in the kitchen come from fishermen and farmers who live and work within 10 miles of us”.

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