The Langham Club

16/09/2015 by .

Eduardo is a bit quick off the mark at the Langham Club private check in. As soon as I cross the threshold of the third floor foyer there’s a cool drink in my hand, a towel at my side and a beaming smile in front of me.

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Preview of Langham London new Regent Wing

14/03/2015 by .

To mark its 150th anniversary, The Langham London Hotel has unveiled to TripReporter the first phase of its renovations. The Langham London new Regent Wing precedes the new Langham Club Lounge and The Sterling Suite projects which are due to open later this spring and offers guests a new experience in what was formerly their club floor rooms.

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The Milestone Hotel

17/12/2014 by .

A cold December day, but the welcome sign in the lobby of the Milestone Hotel warms our hearts, “please help yourself to our complimentary hot chocolate, marshmallows and chocolates.”  Now that’s what I call the perfect hello.

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New Executive Lounge At Grosvenor House Hotel

07/08/2014 by .

In a £1.4 million refurbishment the new Executive Lounge at Grosvenor House Hotel in London has been moved from the seventh floor to the ground floor of the hotel and is three times larger in size at over 340 square metres.

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Flemings Mayfair Hotel. London.

01/06/2014 by .

Half Moon Street is like many others of its kind in London’s Mayfair; a row of fabulous Georgian town houses lining both sides of it. However, take a stroll through the front entrance of Flemings Mayfair Hotel and you’ll experience something quite different. Something unlike any of its neighbours. Almost as if you’ve suddenly warped into a different dimension.

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St. James’s Hotel and Club. London

29/05/2014 by .

I love a bit of history, and walking up to the front entrance of the St.James’s Hotel and Club (which ironically began as a Travellers Club for diplomats back in 1857), I reminded myself of all the previous owners and former members of this fine piece of luxury Georgian real estate in the heart of London’s Mayfair. Ian Fleming, Winston Churchill and in 1980 Peter De Savary and his show biz investors: Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Tim Rice, Dudley Moore, Liza Minelli and Pete Townsend. Heady days.

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St. Ermin’s Hotel London

02/05/2014 by .

It seems the good Saint Ermin of Lobbes was a man of wisdom and sanctity and a bit of a dab hand at a prophecy or two. Rather fitting then that I happened to be visiting St. Ermin’s Hotel on his Saint Day (25th April for future reference) and even more apt, it was at one time the preferred meeting place for top British secret service types including SIS and MI5, who, through their own acts of wisdom could predict more than a thing or two themselves.

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myhotel Bloomsbury

28/04/2014 by .

Tottenham Court Road has long been London’s design and technology artery, where electronics retailers shake hands with designer furniture emporiums all along its length. The elegant Georgian townhouses and leafy squares of Bloomsbury on one side, the trendy bars cafes and restaurants of West End central on the other. It’s an area where media and advertising types have gathered for years, a sort of breeding ground for blue sky thinking. Tucked in amongst all this creative buzz is the myhotel Bloomsbury, a perfectly positioned boutique hideaway easily in reach of a creative meeting or any of London’s iconic theatres. It even has its own Central Working space, a free thinking fest for creative types yearning for inspiration and good coffee.

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The Arch Hotel

21/04/2014 by .

London’s Marble Arch area is a tale of two sides. On one side is bustling busy Oxford Street at the top of Park Lane; street hawkers, tourists and traffic. On the other, by Great Cumberland Place, a leafy mews laden warren of 18th century Georgian townhouses and elegance from a bygone era. It is in this stylish corner of leafy London you’ll find The Arch Hotel, taking up no less than seven of these lovely Grade II listed houses and keeping them in the style they are accustomed to in the process.

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The Langham Hotel. London

20/02/2014 by .

When it came to having the best things in life, Napoleon certainly didn’t shirk his responsibilities, so it was no surprise he found The Langham Hotel so appealing. Mind you, if you’re forced into exile, staying at The Langham Hotel would make life a little more tolerable wouldn’t it?

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