South of France

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L’Hotel du Chateau, situated right below la Porte de Narbonne, the main entrance to the walled city of Carcassonne, is a perfect example of what happened back then. Cecile and Stéphane Rives acquired a 1* hotel and turned it into a stylish boutique hotel

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Hotel Le Saint James. Bordeaux

The view of The Garonne river from my bedroom window is spectacular, no question. Particularly as it is framed by the vines in the foreground from Hotel Le Saint James own vineyard. But in all fairness, even that charming montage is surpassed by the sight of the full size Harley-Davidson standing like a silent sentinel next to my bed.

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Avignon at Christmas

Avignon celebrates catholic festivals the same way it celebrates its gastronomy and culture, with a genuine reverence for its past and a real enthusiasm for modernity. Next time you fancy a Christmas market with a soul, Avignon at Christmas is the place

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Languedoc wine tasting: B&B and Wine

It was, it must be said, the perfect evening. Languedoc wine tasting with dark chocolate, a delicious regionally inspired dinner and then sleeping it all off in a 13th century chateau. Such is life these days in the Languedoc-Rousillon, a region reinventing itself from mediocre table wine producer into highly respected vintner of outstanding quality while at the same time embracing the tourism industry with arms open wide.

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It may only be 108 years old, but the Hotel de la Cite is the last and most decorative piece in the 1200-year-old jigsaw puzzle which makes Carcassonne such a fascinating place to visit. It was at the beginning of the 9th century that this ancient citadel got its name when it survived a siege by Charlemagne with the help of its moat, drawbridge and thick Roman walls.

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Terre Blanche Golf Club Offers New Membership Package

Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort on France’s Cote D’Azur has launched a new membership package for 2014 with competitive rates and exclusive advantages for new and existing members whether living locally or abroad.

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