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On the trail of polar bears in Manitoba

12/05/2019 by .

A lone polar bear plods towards us. He’s one of a thousand or so bears populating the western shore of the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada.

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Insider guide to Munich

16/01/2019 by .

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that autumn is the only time of year to visit Munich. If the Oktoberfest appeals, be aware that the city’s famous beer festival begins not in October but on the penultimate Saturday in September.

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Touring Sri Lanka with a chauffeur-guide

17/09/2018 by .

Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, cuisine and wildlife are among the reasons why the island is drawing growing numbers of visitors. To maximise what I could experience during an eight-day tour of the country I had the services of an experienced chauffeur-guide at my disposal.

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Insider Guide to Riga

24/04/2018 by .

During 2018 commemorations will be held in Latvia to mark a century since the country gained independence. Riga, the nation’s capital, straddles the River Dauguva and has much to offer travellers who enjoy good food, architecture and history.

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Pamuzinda Safari Lodge, Zimbabwe

16/04/2018 by .

Pamuzinda Safari Lodge is located 87 kilometres from Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city. It is a popular weekend destination for the city’s residents. Also, thanks to its relative proximity to Harare’s airport, the lodge represents an opportunity for international travellers to immerse themselves in a traditional bush setting on the night after a flight or, for one last time, prior to departing.

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Night Photography at Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

15/01/2018 by .

An enjoyable day of photography doesn’t have to end when night descends. While in New Brunswick I joined Kevin Snair, a professional photographer and interpretive guide for a session of night photography in Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park.

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