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Isle of Eriska Hotel Hilltop Retreats

27/04/2017 by .

I awake to a gentle dawn chorus of willow warblers in the surrounding lichen-clad silver birch; a delightful prod into another day, backed by silence rather than urban cacophony. Out in the Lynn of Lorn, the low-slung island of Lismore rides at anchor, and, beyond, the bosomy hills of Morvern rise gently to airy Beinn Mheadhoin. It’s a peaceful scene, and a perfect way to start the day.

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Isle of Eriska Hotel

09/07/2015 by .

It was late, and we were sitting in the bar with a night cap when a waiter walked by armed with a jug of milk and some bread crumbs. Strange after dinner order I thought, so I followed him. He opened the back door and left them out on the step. Even stranger, must be for a very special guest. “For our badgers” the waiter told me after seeing my perplexed stare. It seems at the Isle of Eriska Hotel even the badgers are well looked after.

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The Ugadale Hotel

24/06/2015 by .

The famous first tee at Machrihanish Golf Club is looking impossibly perfect from my bedroom window at the Ugadale Hotel, framed as it is by the morning sun and the Atlantic rollers behind. Old Tom Morris, the designer of St. Andrews’ Old Course would be so proud his other baby is looking so good after all these years. The same could be said for the Ugadale Hotel, the once proud dame of Machrihanish saved from abandoned ruin by her new American owners, Southworth Development.

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