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Hutong at The Shard

13/08/2014 by .

I am in an express elevator and in less than 30 seconds whisked 121 meters (400 feet) above the streets of London to the 33rd level where Hutong at The Shard awaits. Stepping out to the mezzanine overlooking the busy bar and through the full height windows, across the Thames to St Pauls and along to the London Eye I remind myself there is still some 187m (508ft) to the top of this stunning skyscraper.

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Croce’s Park West. San Diego

07/08/2014 by .

Croce’s Park West. For those of a certain age Jim Croce will be remembered as an American folk singer & songwriter of such classics songs as Time in a Bottle and Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Croce sadly died in a plane crash in 1973 at the age of just 30 shortly after moving to San Diego with his wife and singing partner Ingrid.  Some 40 years later his legacy lives on in the restaurant and live music venue Ingrid Croce first opened in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter in 1985.

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Bertrand at Mr A’s. San Diego

01/07/2014 by .

I knew when the Maître D offered the choice of black or white napkins we were in for a special night. Situated in the heart of San Diego’s financial district, Bertrand at Mr A’s affords probably the most spectacular views of any restaurant in the city. During daylight hours, the office block where the restaurant is situated is a bustling centre, but entering the deserted building at night you feel as if you have been given access to a secret location.

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Eye-Fi Mobi wireless SD card

25/06/2014 by .

Today’s smart phones offer  us an endless choice of technical options.  Everything from the latest test score to ordering a take away online. But for me, the biggest leap forward is the quality of the camera lens and image size. Being able to take a shot and immediately share it over an array of social media platforms is a huge advantage both socially and commercially. But for those of us with a personal or professional preference to lift a hefty DSLR camera to our eye, we’ve had to miss out on those instant sharing caring moments until the Eye-Fi Mobi wireless SD card that is.

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Canon RC6

10/04/2014 by .

I love Canon and have been an avid user of their cameras for many years with very little cause for complaint,  apart from the cost of some of Canon’s own accessories. Now at last with Canon RC6 not only have I found a Canon accessory that is reasonably priced it’s actually one of the best accessorises I have ever bought.

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yurbuds Signature Series ITE 100

07/03/2014 by .

I have what is commonly known as shallow ear canals. It’s not worth looking up, but it creates a problem with me using normal ear bud phones as they always fall out. Not good when all I want them for is when I’m cycling or hiking.

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