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While roaming fees in the EU have been dramatically reformed, with many now coming under our monthly data plans, using roaming in the USA is entirely different matter. Cellhire MIFI for USA solves that problem.

Most of us have to contend with searching for free wifi before we can get online, unless we go the hassle of buying a throwaway phone and a local network provider. This is never satisfactory because we’re given a new phone number which of course none of our friends or family have.

British company Cellhire has a very neat solution. Quite simply, they loan out a small portable 4G router pre-loaded with a data sim set up to work in the country you’re visiting.

I tried out the Cellhire package on a recent visit to the USA and it worked perfectly right out of the box.


In my case, I received a MIFI (a pre-charged AT&T Unite Netgear 4G mobile router) fitted with a 5 gig data sim. All I had to do when I arrived in the USA was switch it on, search for it on my phone and laptop and connect using the given password.

Also a USB cable was supplied with a US plug adapter so I could  charge the MIFI each day.

I was driving around Colorado and in most cases I managed to get a 4G connection which provided good browsing speeds and excellent Skype or Whats App voice calls on multiple devices.

At the end of the hire period, I simply popped the MIFI back in its box and posted it back to Cellhire using the pre paid postage sticker and bag that came with my package.

The Cellhire MIFI is an excellent simple solution to using wifi on the go in the USA.

France Update

I recently used another Cellhire Mifi for a trip to the Languedoc_Rousillon region in south west France with equally impressive results. The 4G signal was in the most part, a lot stronger than my roaming connection within Langeudoc’s more remote areas. of course, in the towns and cities I had no connection issues and the unit battery juice lasted all day without having to recharge.


Tell me more about Cellhire MIFI for USA and France

Hire packages are £79.99 per month for 5 gig of 4G data.

Data prices out of bundle are £10.80 per gig

Device deposit is £40

For more details go to Cellhire or call 0800 2800 415

Cellhire plc
Park House
Clifton Park
YO30 5PB

Email : york@cellhire.com





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