Radiopaq Duo Headphones. Style and sound.

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A great sound is one thing. Looking good is quite another, after all I’ve a reputation to consider. I have to confess, that on more than one occasion I have had headphone envy with a fellow passenger. Apple ear phones are practical but hardly the bottom line in style, and then there’s the constant clicking that drives anyone within 5 yards of me totally nuts.

Radiopaq Duo headphones however satisfied all three of my issues instantly. They look great for a start, coming in five bold colours (High Gloss Copper, Candy Green, Candy Purple, Metallic Silver and Soft Touch Black) they offer superb sound quality via 40mm sound drivers and the gold plated 3.5mm connector, whilst the 15mm deep padded ear cushions are deep enough to relieve anyone within earshot of that irritating clicking.

To cap a fine performance, the headband adjusts to be comfortable even on my head and the fold flat tilt and swivel cup design lets me tuck them away neatly inside my travel bag when I don’t need them.

The best thing of all though is the price. At £19.99 they are a steal. Easily passable as serious club or DJ phones, you’ll look the part, and enjoy some excellent audio too.



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