Garces Trading Company

03/11/2016 by .

Any restaurant which has a whole help yourself section dedicated to home made olive oils and balsamic vinegars is fully approved as far as I am concerned. Fortunately, the food and wine at Garces Trading Company is equally impressive, so I’m approving on both counts.

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Fork Restaurant

01/11/2016 by .

I’m sitting across from owner Ellen Yin in Fork Restaurant and she’s telling me about her journey from being a healthcare professional to serious restaurateur. It is a story no different perhaps than those from other successful entrepreneurs; drive, ambition and a passion to achieve personal success. It is, you could say the embodiment of the American Dream. But with Ellen, I still feel despite her growing portfolio including High Street on Market, a.Kitchen& Bar on Rittenhouse Square  and High Street on Hudson in New York, that Fork, some twenty years old and counting, will always be her favourite.

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Square 1682 Philadelphia

24/06/2014 by .

There is something rather satisfying in being told that what you’ve just ordered has been an ‘inspirational choice’. I feel very pleased with myself that somehow  I managed to pick the one item on the Square 1682 Philadelphia menu that surpassed all the others, and took a moment to glory in my success. I liked the feeling so much I wanted to keep the roll going with my choice of wine too. So gave it a shot and thankfully scored a bulls eye there too.

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