Osteria La Campanara. Galeata

Tucked away behind an unassuming alley in the tiny Italian village of Pianetto near Galeata magic happens. Believe it. A restaurant revered by the locals, almost as much as the glorious renaissance church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli that sits next door.That is the magic of Osteria La Campanara.

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The Movie Colony Hotel. Palm Springs

I have to admit I was feeling a little star struck. One minute I was standing next to this fabulous Albert Frey designed mid century modern wing of the Movie Colony Hotel and the next, I’m finding out it had real celebrity history.

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Cathay Pacific First Class

Would you like us to make up your bed now Mr. Mossack? This was a request quite impossible to ignore after all, it was getting late and a few hours in a freshly made bed seemed a perfect way to arrive bright and ready in Hong Kong. Such is life in Cathay Pacific First Class, when, in just the few minutes it took for me to slip into my cotton sleep suit, my lavish living suite had been transformed into a slumberland complete with mattress, duvet and pillows.

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Muhammad Ali boyhood home

There’s a small clapboard house in an ordinary residential street in a predominantly black area on the west side of Louisville, Kentucky.
It has seen better days that’s for sure, but to the people who still live there, it’s home. There’s a small front lawn dominated by an old big tree and the little garden out back has a little rusted bike lying on its side. Its all unremarkable, but 63 years ago a very remarkable young man grew up there and became one of the most famous men in the whole world. This was the Muhammad Ali boyhood home and I was standing right outside the front door having a moment.

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