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Insider Guide to Belgravia

01/08/2018 by .

Whilst London’s urban sprawl screams ever outwards there is green-tinged tranquillity at its heart. Everyday Belgravia looks more like a Victorian or Edwardian village, a nostalgic glimpse of the past but also an optimistic take on the future.

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Guernsey and Alderney – Channel Islands at War

19/06/2018 by .

The new film ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ based on the bestselling book, focusses on Guernsey’s experience during WW2. Indeed the Channel Islands were the only British territories to be occupied by the Nazis and it was a tough time. Food was short, communications were limited and nobody knew what the future might hold.

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Jersey. World class.

15/05/2018 by .

Just imagine yourself on a soft sandy beach in a hidden cove perfectly proportioned in every way. just a mile or so from Saint Helier, Jersey’s capital; just you and the English Channel lapping gently on the shore.

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Insider Guide to Rye and East Sussex

08/05/2018 by .

Rye town is a charming network of cobbled streets and lanes with architecture dating back to medieval times, and most importantly is known for its membership of the historic Cinque Port Confederation, of which memories of GCSE history come flooding back to me.  

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Insider Guide to Orkney

28/03/2018 by .

For today’s visitors, Orkney is a charming and beguiling place; charismatic, enthralling, enlightening, and tantalisingly close to the Scottish mainland, just 10 miles away.

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Up Helly Aa

05/02/2018 by .

A hundred years from now, Shetland’s fire festival, Up Helly Aa, will be the stuff of legend; a litany of morphed tales of Viking lore handed down over the generations, titivated and embellished in the process…rather like all legends, in fact.

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Halifax Piece Hall

03/09/2017 by .

The Piece Hall in Halifax, West Yorkshire, reopened on Yorkshire Day, 1 August 2017, as a cultural and commercial hub at the heart of the town. It forms an integral part of Halifax’s new cultural quarter that also incorporates the neighbouring Square Chapel for the Arts, a new central library and archive, plus the Orange Box art centre for young people

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Sunderland International Airshow

25/07/2017 by .

Sunderland International Airshow is one of Europe’s biggest free-to-visit air shows. The long-established event is held over a weekend each July.

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Exploring North Wales by Rail

13/07/2017 by .

This tiny area of Wales is home to probably the highest concentration of narrow and standard gauge steam train lines in the UK. Rupert Parker climbs on board.

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GWR First Class service  to Devon

26/04/2017 by .

The GWR First Class Lounge at London Paddington is unseasonably quiet for a Thursday morning as we wait for our direct train to Newton Abbot in south Devon. More than enough time to take advantage of a cup of tea and some fresh fruit and pastries.

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