Pomona’s Restaurant & Bar, Notting Hill

14/12/2018 by .

.Considering he was the third chef in three years to head up this brigade, Mark Lloyd wasn’t looking the slightest bit ruffled. “It’s been a struggle but the neighbourhood’s slowly coming round,” he told me after delivering a very impressive dinner.

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The Lebanese Bakery, Covent Garden

29/11/2018 by .

Tucking into a deliciously fresh manousheh I found myself staring at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, directly opposite, and thinking what a great position this is for a pre or post-theatre meal.

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Iron Bloom Restaurant, Shoreditch

30/09/2018 by .

Wandering around a buzzing Shoreditch on a Friday night, it’s easy to miss Iron Bloom, thinking that it’s just of many identikit bars that are pumping out music. In fact, it’s a restaurant with a wide-ranging cocktail menu, as you’d expect from the guys behind the Looking Glass Cocktail Club, but the quality of the food is surprising.

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The Caxton Grill Re-Visited

01/09/2018 by .

Last time I reviewed the Caxton Grill at St. Ermin’s Hotel it was under the sublime stewardship of Professional Master Chef finalist Adam Handling. So, with Mr Handling departing to open his own restaurant empire under the Frog moniker, I thought it was a good opportunity to see how the Caxton Grill has developed under new head chef Alex Boyd.

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Sarona, London

30/08/2018 by .

What will drive traffic to Sarona, by far the least showy of the many new Israeli restaurants to open in London in the past year?  For those who know the vibrant dining scene in Tel Aviv, world’s most exciting culinary destination, it’s the credentials of chef Aviv Lavi.

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Galvin HOP

22/08/2018 by .

Eating at a Galvin brothers establishment is always an event.  It’s nearly 15 years since the Michelin-starred chefs who earned their plaudits cooking in London’s best hotel kitchens turned their attention to their own highly eclectic restaurants. 

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Lazeez Lebanese Tapas

02/08/2018 by .

Come summer, London takes on a distinctly Middle Eastern veneer. Emiratis and Saudis among many others pouring over to escape the Gulf heat. The shisha cafes do great business, cars block the streets and mobile phone providers greedily dish out data as their streaming services go into overdrive.

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The Field Restaurant

23/07/2018 by .

While east London has its fair share of trendy hot spots, Hackney and London Fields, in particular, is still a bit of a mixed bag. The well-heeled gentry set shares their park picnic spaces with the rental crowd and local HA tenants.

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05/07/2018 by .

Hampstead’s Rosslyn Hill has long been a magnet for trendy cafes and restaurants. Affluent local residents enjoy a local evening bite and a weekend hangout while tourists visiting Hampstead’s quaint narrow lanes and heath seek pit stops to re-energise.

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Pizarro Restaurant

07/05/2018 by .

One of the greatest culinary injustices of our times has been Spanish cuisine’s permanent “bridesmaid” relationship to its French equivalent.  Oh sure, we all get along with tapas and foodies know only too well the major influences of three-star Iberian  chefs such as Ferran Adria, Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Elena, the Roca brothers and Eneko Atxa.

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