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Ergon Greek Restaurant

Cool and sleek is not the look that normally comes to mind when  you think of London Greek restaurants, which tend to be cosy and distinctly folksy.

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Apartments by the Sloane Club

Anyone who’s ever wandered past those millionaires’ mansions in Belgravia and wondered what it would be like to live the life can now try it out for a few days courtesy of the Apartments by the Sloane Club. 

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Christmas Day in London – Dickens to the rescue

First a warning: London tends to close down on Christmas Day. Public transport does not run and most restaurants and shops are closed. Christmas day in London is a little bit special.

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Crowne Plaza in fitness makeover for business travellers

The business travel market is a fiercely competitive sector in hospitality and to succeed, a hotel needs to be in really great shape to meet the demands of business guests. It is one thing to call yourself a “business hotel” but the reality is many just fail to live up to the billing.

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Corinthia Hotel. London.

There is a very particular feel to the new hotels and restaurants forging a revival in the once-dead area between Trafalgar Square and the Thames embankment, until recently the exclusive province of government mandarins.

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The Nadler Soho

Can a hotel really be considered no-frills if it comes with a Nespresso machine?  Robert Nadler, the man behind the Nadler Soho, says it’s not life’s little luxuries but costly extras like restaurants which bump up overheads, making most West End hotels eye-wateringly expensive.

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