Kahani Restaurant. Belgravia

04/04/2019 by .

You start the night in Belgravia, descend into a vision of 1970‘s Parisian chic, but when you tuck into the food at Kahani you are transported to the Indian subcontinent with food reminiscent of the finest offerings of Delhi and Mumbai.

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Plate Restaurant, London

18/03/2019 by .

London’s Old Street Silicon Roundabout is the centre of the Tech Hub that is meant to rival California with lots of spacey new buildings.

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Farzi Café, London

13/03/2019 by .

Farzi Café calls itself a modern Indian bistro and arrives in London following nine branches in India and one in Dubai.

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Liban Tapas, South Woodford

27/02/2019 by .

The Essex suburb of South Woodford certainly has its fair share of God’s creatures. As I strolled towards Liban passing the Slug and Lettuce and the Lizard Lounge, I was half-expecting Liban to be a Lebanese word for reptile or mollusc. Fortunately, as it turned out, it was neither, just a rather wonderful example of fresh Lebanese food done wonderfully well.

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POTUS at the Crowne Plaza

26/02/2019 by .

It’s December 7th, 1941 and the Japanese have just bombed Pearl Harbour. For Franklin D Roosevelt, American President, it’s been a bad day at the office. He needs a stiff drink. What’s it likely to be?

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Romulo Café, London

18/02/2019 by .

Food from the Philippines is relatively unknown in the UK and there are just a handful of restaurants in London.

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