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15/05/2020 by .

Chef and restaurateur, Adam Handling, has launched a new food delivery and collection service, Hame – the Scottish word for home – to offer a taste of his restaurant experience in homes in and around London.

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ANGLO@TRADE revisited

11/03/2020 by .

The last time I reviewed ANGLO@TRADE I raved about it. I loved the concept of a private members club exclusively for the hospitality trade, opening its doors to the public for dinner on Saturday nights.

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Raj of Islington, London

03/03/2020 by .

Indian fine dining has come a long way from the high street curry houses that have almost become part of Britain’s culinary DNA.

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Thackeray’s  Restaurant, Tunbridge Wells

23/02/2020 by .

Honesty is the best policy for ambitious restaurateurs these days when even famous chefs are having to close restaurants as diners retrench in search of better value.

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Kahani Indian Restaurant, Chelsea

12/02/2020 by .

Just a few well-heeled steps from Sloane Street, cosseted within the bijou oasis of Wilbraham Place, lies Kahani, a hidden gem of a fine-dining Indian Restaurant.

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Bustronome Voyage Gourmand, London

29/01/2020 by .

Hans’ Bar & Grill, Chelsea

27/01/2020 by .

Take a stroll down Pavilion Road, just a few steps from Sloane Square, and you’ll be in for a bit of a surprise.

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Boodle Fight – RAPSA @ 100 Hoxton, London

23/01/2020 by .

When I first heard about this, I was expecting something that involved schoolboys throwing food at each other.

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20/01/2020 by .

Restaurant kitchens are pretty hostile places at the best of times, but head chef Anthony Raffo might just have one of the most stressful.

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The Tasting Menu At Paschoe House, Devon

14/01/2020 by .