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Tulfarris Hotel, County Wicklow

02/03/2020 by .

Overgrown hedgerows, dodgy signposting and narrow twisting roads that could lead nowhere or anywhere……Ireland’s past is ever-present here just 40 minutes away from the bustle and traffic gridlock of Dublin.

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Cahernane House Hotel, Killarney, Co Kerry

22/09/2019 by .

Sandymount Hotel, Dublin 

24/12/2018 by .

‘Dublin can be heaven, with coffee at eleven and a stroll in Stephens Green’ ….a famous Irish song goes and there’s no better spot to begin that gentle stroll, passing Georgian-era Dublin than from the Sandymount Hotel situated in the gracious leafy district of Dublin 4.

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Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny

22/10/2018 by .

“To the Manor Born”, jokes my companion. With a grinding of gears (well it was a rather sharp turn) we enter the wide gates and sweep up a long imposing driveway towards one of Ireland’s still intact grand demesnes.

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Dunbrody  House Hotel

06/09/2018 by .

Make no mistake, this is a proper Ireland hideaway. We’ve already taken the wrong road three times and in desperation must pull over to ask for directions. The first person we see is a man unloading what looks like the contents of an entire hardware store from a white van.

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Slieve Russell Hotel

12/10/2017 by .

It was no surprise that a red, amber and green traffic lights warning system was operating to ease guests through the hotel’s busiest breakfast session times.

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Lough Eske Castle Hotel and Spa

05/10/2017 by .

What a pleasant surprise to find that the red carpet had been laid out for me as I walked up the welcoming greystone entrance stairway to the elegant early 20th century mansion that is Lough Eske Castle Hotel and Spa.

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Kilronanan Castle Estate and Spa

05/10/2017 by .

It was good fortune that brought me an hour early to the Drawing Room Bar so that I could sample a glass of Guinness, served with that the special care and magic that you only find in Ireland.

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G Hotel Galway

13/01/2016 by .

Mad Max meeting Royal Ascot with a light dusting of Vegas stardust comes to mind entering the G Hotel Galway wandering from a glitzy silver grey grand salon hung with two hundred  enormous  glass ball light installations into a lipstick pink lounge displaying Andy Warhol print fabric covered chairs.

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Powerscourt Hotel. County Wicklow

21/08/2015 by .

Imagine a building that looks as if it was put there just to pay homage to one of Ireland’s most spectacular landscapes? Five star Powerscourt Hotel  on the edge of ancient deer forests in a historic estate sprawling over 1,000 acres in the” Garden of Ireland” is like that. It draws your eyes from all angles to the breadth and beauty of a landscape dominated by the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain across the valley.

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