Hotel Le Pigalle, Paris

30/09/2018 by .

Not so long ago Pigalle was considered the seedier side of Paris, a magnet for sex shops and low-rent hostelries, thanks to the topless cabarets which made it the apotheosis of city nightlife more than a century ago.  

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Adele & Jules boutique hotel

11/07/2016 by .

It’s not often  you hear of a new happening neighbourhood in Paris, but one comes along every few years when you’re not looking.    You may think of Grands Boulevards merely as the great wide traffic artery where the big department stores are located, but a whole new world is springing up to the east around the city’s latest boutique hotel, Adele & Jules.

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Hotel Chavanel

27/06/2016 by .

In the chic Hotel Chavanel, Paris has the very property for which the phrase “small but perfectly-formed” could have been conceived.   The frontage, a couple of minutes’ walk from the Madeleine, is so narrow you could walk by and miss it, standard rooms are small too, yet into them has been packed every amenity expected of four-star accommodation, from the velours robes to the make-up mirror, the iPod dock to the coffee maker.

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Hotel Shangri-La Paris

22/06/2016 by .

In a city awash with five-star hotels, a new entry with a slightly off-centre location needs an irresistible proposition to draw the well-heeled.   Napoleon is not a bad name to throw around, nor is having the Eiffel Tower on your doorstep, like the Hotel Shangri-La Paris.

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26/01/2016 by .

Eat your heart out, stylish boutique hotels of Paris – the fashionistas are still going for the resolutely period decor of the eternally glamorous Plaza Athenee.   For a start, it’s right in their territory on the avenue Montaigne, close to Dior, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, and for another thing, they are used to divas and fulfilling their every demand.   For me, they found a Nespresso machine so I could brew up in 30 seconds on the day I needed to leave my fabulous room at 5am, and tracked down the Left Bank butcher from whom I needed to buy a Bresse chicken to take home.

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Les Bains

25/01/2016 by .

An 1885 bathhouse off a charmless Paris boulevard may seem an unlikely vehicle for one of the city’s most desirable boutique hotels. But Johnny Depp and his cohorts have pulling power, and the too cool for school crowd cavorted for years in the basement of Les Bains when it was a hip nightclub.

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