Truffle Hunting in Uzès, South of France

26/01/2017 by .

If there’s one reason to visit the South of France in winter, when despite the brilliant sunshine, it’s freezing cold from the Camargue to the Cote d’Azur, it’s truffles.   Fittingly for an area associated with luxury travel, this – particularly the area surrounding the picturesque town of Uzès –  is one of the most prolific hunting grounds in the world for tuber melanosporum, as the black truffle of winter is known.

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Benard Magrez Luxury Wine Experience

02/12/2016 by .

Classic French châteaux are by nature impressive beasts, but when you stay in one that was once the Bordeaux home of Pope Clement V in 1306, well that is another thing entirely. Such is the divine experience that accompanies a stay at Château Pape Clément with the Benard Magrez Luxury Wine Experience

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Calais five must-see places

14/10/2016 by .

It’s easy to forget just how easy it is to get to Calais, whether by ferry, tunnel or train but most people just drive straight through on the way to somewhere else. That’s a shame because it makes a great weekend destination, perfect for stocking up on wine and other foods and enjoying excellent meals. Here are my Calais five must-see places to visit.

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Hiking Ecrins National Park

19/09/2016 by .

I’d always wondered what life is like in those high altitude French Refuges, often no more than wooden shacks, nestling in the shade of the mountains. Even better, when I hear about a Tour Gourmand, or gourmet tour, hiking between them, I’m even more interested. So I pack my rucksack and set out to try hiking Ecrins National Park, about a 90 minute drive East of Grenoble.

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Walking the High Alps in France

07/09/2016 by .

I’m always looking for a challenging walk but find that many self-guided walks offered by the hiking companies are not tough enough for me. Since you always get thrown out of your hotel after breakfast, you need a good few hours walking if you’re not going to arrive at your hotel too early. My perfect walk keeps me occupied most of the day and finishes about an hour before dinner – just enough time to grab a beer, have a quick shower, and then settle down to dinner. One of the most demanding is walking the High Alps in France and I fly to Geneva with my partner to tackle it.

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Three days in Lyon

03/08/2016 by .

The greatness of Lyon’s past is amply matched by its contemporary cultural dynamism and diversity. Sited at the meeting point of two great rivers, was always a guarantee of prominence, and today Lyon is France’s second city. Here is my travel guide to three days in Lyon

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