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Oasia Hotel

16/07/2018 by .

When you’re visiting Aarhus, Denmark’s second city, you probably want to stay in a hotel that is pure Scandi-style: not a characterless chain peddling identical rooms from Abuja to Zagreb. Clearly, for the 65 room Oasia, “Less is more” is the design mantra.

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Nimb Hotel

31/05/2017 by .

Were it not for its elegant, grown-up decor and  more than 100 years of history, you’d be tempted to liken the Nimb Copenhagen to the Disneyland Hotel in Paris.  Here are Denmark’s very own top lodgings with the face of a fairytale fantasy owned by the capital’s prime tourist attraction and offering free entry in with the room rate.

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The Andersen Boutique Hotel

22/05/2017 by .

It could be the bright, funky decor of the Andersen Boutique Hotel that keeps it permanently full – or perhaps it’s that rare commodity in Copenhagen, free wine.  The daily 5pm “wine hour” at this popular hostelry is certainly bound to be an attraction in a country where bottles are not cheap.

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