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Hartwell House Hotel and Spa, Aylesbury

17/12/2019 by .

Pack away the history books. Switch off the History Channel. We’ve got Hartwell House as a slice of both British and European heritage. This is a regal residence that makes Downton Abbey look a tad nouveau riche.

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A-Rosa Donna Danube Highlights Cruise – Bratislava

17/11/2019 by .

It’s the third European capital in three days as the A-ROSA Donna moors up in Bratislava. Although the city is much smaller than both Budapest and Vienna, it is probably one of Europe’s most underrated cities.

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A-ROSA Donna Danube Highlights cruise – Budapest

05/11/2019 by .

A-ROSA Donna Danube Cruise: First stop Vienna

26/10/2019 by .

As the A-ROSA Donna moors up in Vienna, we are about to embark on a tour that takes us back to the glittering past.

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The Fez Cooking School

08/10/2019 by .

Michael Edwards learns some of the secrets of Moroccan cuisine after a culinary master class at the Fez Cooking School.

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Palais Amani, Fez, Morocco

30/09/2019 by .

Sat by the lemon, orange and pomegranate trees in the riad of the Palais Amani, it is hard to believe that the tall studded cedar-wood doors, the trickling fountain and towering mosaic-tiled columns were originally funded in the late 17th century by trade with …er…. Manchester.

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