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Rupert Parker

Rupert Parker

Exploring Sierra Leone, Africa

01/07/2020 by .

Rupert Parker visits Sierra Leone, a West African country, now completely recovered from a dreadful civil war.

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Latest Outdoor Hiking Gear Reviewed

24/06/2020 by .

Rupert Parker, no stranger to mountain terrain,  reviews some more of the latest outdoor hiking gear.

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Hiking the Alta Via dei Monti Liguria, Italy

23/06/2020 by .

Rupert Parker dons his hiking boots and follows the Alta Via long-distance trail that crosses Liguria.

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Walking the Camino Primitivo, Spain

17/06/2020 by .

Hiking the Swiss Alps in Kandersteg

15/06/2020 by .

Eating in Dordogne, France

11/06/2020 by .

The Dordogne, with its fairy tale castles, perched precariously on limestone cliffs, and picturesque medieval villages has long been the haunt of the British.

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