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Boston Harbour Hotel

05/11/2019 by .

A blanket of mysterious Sherlock Holmes mist envelopes Boston harbour.  I can barely make out the shape of an approaching water taxi that will pick up a huddle of raincoat wrapped passengers and their luggage on the wharf side.

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Cahernane House Hotel, Killarney, Co Kerry

22/09/2019 by .

The Arch London

01/05/2019 by .

JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

18/02/2019 by .

I descend the vast cream marble staircase imagining how Sissi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria would have made her grand entrance to an admiring audience below.

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Skiing in Val Gardena

05/02/2019 by .

“These are our rock stars” shouts Isabel, the local guide, her voice almost lost in the wind while we swoosh over a snowy downhill run, framed by craggy rocky summits that look like giant dragon teeth about to gobble up us tiny (fly sized) humans.

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Sandymount Hotel, Dublin 

24/12/2018 by .

‘Dublin can be heaven, with coffee at eleven and a stroll in Stephens Green’ ….a famous Irish song goes and there’s no better spot to begin that gentle stroll, passing Georgian-era Dublin than from the Sandymount Hotel situated in the gracious leafy district of Dublin 4.

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