Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay Cruise review

30/12/2015 by .

It’s almost midnight, and Ha Long Bay is ink-black and still. Her ancient limestone pillars have me surrounded.  I can’t see them now, but I can feel them, watching me like silent sentinels. All I can hear is the boat creaking, singing its nautical lullaby as gentle waves lap at the wooded hull. This is beautiful. Perfect. Just how a Ha Long Bay cruise should be.

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Ha Long Bay by Seaplane

21/12/2015 by .

“My background is flying sea planes in Canada but this one has so many bells and toys I couldn’t turn it down”  says pilot Mike at the wheel of Hai Au Aviation’s impressive Cessna Grand Caravan Amphibian, as we make our way from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay by seaplane  in north east Vietnam.

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