Mysore Dasara Festival

26/09/2016 by .

Even on normal days the palaces and colourful markets of Mysore, in southern India, tend to make a big impression on visiting travellers. During the ten-day Mysore Dasara festival caparisoned elephants, tribal dancers and traditional musicians are just a handful of the photogenic sights that make the city—which lies roughly 90 miles south-west of Bangalore, Karnataka’s capital—a must-visit destination for travellers interested in cultural heritage.

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Kambala Buffalo Racing in South India

21/04/2016 by .

In India’s palm-rich south, where Karnataka and Kerala meet, kambala rather than cricket, is the most popular sport.Two pairs of buffaloes are raced head-to-head along specially prepared twin tracks in kambala, the sport of the people in the rural districts around Mangalore. This is Kambala Buffalo Racing in South India.

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